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  • Vilnius: Get to know all places locals love

    “Vilnius is the very definition of a perfect weekend break. It's got cool bars, a beautiful old town, an abundance of history, epic views, a thriving coffee shop scene and some great street art - we're actually kind of surprised that we'd never considered it before.” Say Andrew and Emily...

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  • Kaunas : Back to history

    Kaunas City is the second largest town in Lithuania and is located in the central part of country on the confluence of the two largest Lithuanian rivers Nemunas and Neris. City is mostly unique because of its 20th-century history. Back then, Kaunas served as the interwar capital and the centre of the national rebirth of Lithuania...

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That is Guide 24/7?

  • Guide 24/7 is a smart audio guide with which you can travel whenever you want: 24 hours a day or 7 days a week!
  • The Guide 24/7 app encourages you to travel independently and safely. Travel as you like - you don't need to join a tour group or guide. Guide 24/7- for the opportunity to travel freely!t
  • The Guide 24/7 mobile app has carefully planned and tested routes for traveling in LIthuania cities on foot or by bike.
  • In the Guide 24/7 mobile app, each route has accurate maps with places worth visiting. You can hear a story about each place of interest in the audio guide, supplemented by written and useful information. Guide 24/7- for an interesting travel!
  • You can listen one of the many stories:


Monument of Vytautas the Great
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Monument of Vytautas the Great

How does the Guide 24/7 work in iOS devices?

  • Each audio guide is a carefully planned route consisting of many interconnected tourist attractions and more than just places of interest. Extensive and useful information is provided in each of their audio guides.
  • An interactive map helps you travel safely and securely - the app automatically detects your location and nearby points of interest. The result - with the Guide 24/7 map you will never get lost and will not regret missing out on what is really worth seeing!
  • Choose what you want to see - choose the places you want to visit on the map according to your interests and needs. Audioguide attractions are divided into topics: archeology, history, nature, tasting, etc.
  • Download the Guide 24/7 app from the App Store and select the audio guide to purchase from the list in the app. You can pay for the audio guide in the app with a bank card.
  • After payment, the audioguide and the places of interest on its route are unlocked automatically. You can view the map of the route of the purchased audio guide, listen to stories about each of its places of interest, and familiarize yourself with written information.
  • We wish you good experiences while traveling with Guide 24/7!
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How is working apps Audio Guide 24/7 in Android OS devices ?

  • Download the Guide 24/7 app from the Google Play Store.

  • Choose the audio guide you want on mobile app and pay for it. You can pay in the app by credit card. After payment audio guide  is unloked.

  • Also posibble to pay in the web site guide24_7.com via bank. Once payment done via bank, unlock code will be sent to the email address you provided. Enter it in the Guide24/7 app next to the selected audio guide.

  • You can already use the audio guide. We wish you good experiences while traveling with Guide 24/7!

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